Lynx Officer Jacket

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While the Lynx Lightfighter "Officer" Jacket.  While it's designed for later period weapons such as saber and smallsword, many HEMA fighters are currently using it for longsword as well. There's less padding than the standard Lynx jacket, but the elbows and shoulders are well-protected.

The modular joint-pad system allows for several quick-change options as weapons change.  Comfortable and flexible soft shoulder and elbow pads fit in interior pockets.  The soft elbows also extend some protection to the upper forearm. An additional pair of hard elbows can tie/strap to the outside, allowing for the choice to wear no elbows, soft only, hard only, or both soft and hard.

The Lightfighter Jacket is vented with a large mesh panel on the back (the 350N rating excludes the mesh portion), and the waist is adjusted with a backstrap like our standard Lynx jackets.  


Custom Colors and Sizing

Choose "custom" in the sizing and you will be contacted with options regarding custom size and custom colors.  You will be charged $190, which may be more or less than the final custom charge depending on your choices.  You can get a full refund of your deposit if you choose not to confirm custom options.

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