Wholesale Pricing & Club Discounts

South Coast Swords is dedicated to promoting HEMA by retailing, importing, and innovating affordable quality equipment that eases entry to our martial arts by newcomers.


We have discounts on many of our products for Voting Members of the HEMA Alliance, as well as for group orders by HEMA Alliance Affiliate school and club leaders. Non-Affiliate groups are also welcome to contact us for a group discount, or can become an Affiliate at https://hemaa.tidyhq.com/member/memberships for as little as $100 for schools that are already insured. You’ll likely make those dues back in savings from us on your first group order.



Whatever your group needs, start a conversation with us at southcoastswords@gmail.com. There are many things we can get at good prices that aren’t listed on the website. We can work with you on custom equipment, with resources to prototype gear in steel and other metals, synthetics, wood, leather and textiles. Even if you have an idea that we’re not ready to invest time in, we may know other groups with a similar idea and can work together.



We love to create a win-win for your school and your students by giving you a bulk price that encourages you to stock up and be able to resell to new recruits. They get equipment for less, even considering a fair markup by you that allows you to raise some club funds, justifying your investment in equipment.



Because we’re willing to spend effort working out great deals with schools and clubs, cutting our margins while taking up more of our time, we must insist that no individual or group take advantage of these discounts by selling or transferring goods outside of the intended recipients. If you’re a HEMA Alliance Member getting a discount for yourself, the equipment should be for you. If you are a teacher who gets a bulk discount for your HEMA Alliance Affiliate to resell to your students, that equipment should be for your students only. If you have to resell equipment you’ve grown out of over time, we understand that, but keep it in your club if you can, or offer it back to us (we help new clubs with used equipment too). We reserve the right to end or refuse discounts or sales to anyone or any group that we judge isn’t working within the spirit of our mission of HEMA community support.