Blackfencer Sidesword (Left Handed)

Blackfencer Sidesword (Left Handed)

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Blackfencer's Sidesword is one of our best sellers. Fencers love the elegance of the design and the handling, as well as the protection offered by the knuckle bow and covered ricasso. Pair with a buckler for maximum Marozzo! This sidesword is specifically designed for left-handed fighters.

2 lbs, 4.4 oz

37 1/2 inches blade length

4 inches from cross point of balance

9 3/4 inches cross width

4 inches grip-able handle length

2 1/4 inches ricasso

43 1/4 inches overall length

1 1/2 inches to 3/4 inch blade width (cross to tip)

1/2 inch average blade thickness, tapers toward tip